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10 Things to Look for in a Residential Property Management Service


A vital aspect of your success is having the right team members in place to execute your vision. Property managers and investors should look for key elements in their residential property management service. The right property management service will save you time and money, but in order to find the best fit, you’ve got to interview prospects, make observations, ask questions, and follow your instincts.


7 Tips for Selecting the Right Tenants for Your Rental Property

Selecting the right tenant

Choosing the right tenants for your rental property is vital to the success of your investment. Whether you own a multi-family unit or a single family home, it’s critical to avoid future problems by selecting the best possible tenants to lease your property. And to find the right tenants, there must be a thorough process in place to screen them.


Tenant’s Guide to Renting a Home or Residential Property

Tenants Using a Map to Guide Them

Avoid the frustrations of finding a rental property and moving in, only to be caught by surprise by problems with the property itself, followed by a poor response to your maintenance request. Fortunately, a poorly negotiated lease, a complicated process of making rent payments, or lack of communication with a challenging landlord are all avoidable.

Doing your homework, asking the right questions, and making some important observations prior to signing a lease can set you up for a positive leasing experience in a residential rental property. There’s no place like home—when you’ve found the right home!


13 Reasons to Hire a Residential Property Management Service

Residential property owners are wise investors and certainly no strangers to hard work. They’ve learned to work judiciously by delegating tasks to others, freeing themselves up to obtain new investments. Long-term, the benefit of assigning the daily responsibilities of managing residential properties by hiring a professional provides investors the opportunity to streamline their obligations. This allows them the freedom to focus on future goals. (more…)

Tenant or Property Owner? Who Takes Care of What Property Responsibilities

property responsibilities

When it comes to property maintenance, property owners and tenants each have responsibilities. In order to sensibly communicate who takes care of what, a variety of items should be outlined in writing when the lease is signed. No one likes to assume the other party is responsible for something, and then find out they should have taken care of the situation themselves. (more…)

Landlord’s Ultimate Guide to Winterizing


Winter is coming, so as landlords, it’s time to winterize each rental property to ensure the potential for property damage is minimized. When proper precautions are taken, money is saved and hassles diverted. Proactive preparations for winter ensure the longevity of your property, increase tenant comfort, and minimize the potential for unsafe property conditions.


11 Mistakes Every Tenant Should Avoid Before Signing a Lease

11 Mistakes Every Tenant Should Avoid Before Signing a Lease

Moving to a new location always brings excitement and a welcome fresh start. It’s refreshing to change the scenery. And when it comes to your lifestyle and your dwelling, it’s worth it to invest time and attention in order to choose the best rental property for your unique needs.


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