How to set your tenant up for success

A landlord’s job is not only to manage properties but to ensure that tenants are set up to succeed and take care of your properties. Here are a few simple ways to ensure your tenants know your expectations.

Tenant responsibilities noted in the lease

Never forget that a good lease is the foundation for a successful landlord-tenant relationship. One of the best things you, as a landlord, can do set your tenants up for success is to a have solid lease that lays out all responsibilities for both you and your tenants. Remember to include every tenant’s name on the lease. It keeps everyone on the lease financially responsible. Your lease should thoroughly tell your tenants exactly the rent payment expectations as well as utility responsibilities. Make clear pet policies, lease-breaking criteria, maintenance responsibilities, security deposit details and emergency notification procedures. Even spelling out if a tenant is allowed to paint interior walls should be in the lease.

Encouraging tenants to treat your rental as their own

When a renter doesn’t see their home as their responsibility because they do not own the property it can cause problems. One easy way to set your tenants up for success is to encourage them to see the rental as their own. Making yourself available and easy to reach shows that you care about your tenants. Teach tenants how to clean their homes. You may consider assembling a list of instructions on how to perform basic cleaning tasks. This will show the tenants that you care about the way they live and they will see you are a landlord who is serious about keeping your rental property clean. If you start to see problems, address them early on. Make sure to communicate your expectations before terminating the lease right away. Preserving the relationship with clear communication will likely lead to the tenants adapting to your desires voluntarily.

Promoting safety in your rental

Education is key when it comes to promoting safety. Never assume that your average tenant knows everything there is to know about basic home safety. A few things that may help include requiring renter’s insurance, hiring security or enhancing safety within the home. This can help protect you and your tenants. Something as simple as trimming hedges in front of the property, installing exterior lights or putting safety covers on outlets can help prevent accidents from happening. The most basic form of promoting safety is with education. Providing lists of phone number for emergencies and holding safety seminars will insure that your tenants know you mean business about keeping your tenants and property safe from harm.

Checklist for first time tenants

First-time tenants are often excited to rent for the first time, but they typically don’t know have the experience to know all things that goes into setting up a new residence. To start the landlord-tenant relationship on the right foot, consider providing a checklist and resources for the move-in process. By helping your tenants start good renting habits from the start, it reduces the risk of problems or damage to your property. On the checklist include things like, basic house systems, maintenance, utility company contact information, rent payment process, garbage and recycling schedules, cleaning supplies list, etc.

Setting expectations and having healthy communication is vital to any tenant-owner relationship. For help navigating this, contact our team of specialists at McGraw Realtors Property Management and Leasing today at 918-592-6000.

Posted by: Chris Swift on September 7, 2017
Posted in: Tenants