5 Cheap Ways to Enjoy Your Own Backyard This Summer

Need some ideas for cheap things to do this summer? Start with your own backyard!

1. Buy some water balloons from the dollar store!

Take 15 minutes to fill them with water and go crazy. Water balloons are fun for everyone at any age.  You can get creative with them too. Maybe start off with trying not to get wet while tossing it to a friend or in a circle, then split the yard in half and play dodge ball with water balloons. Water balloons are really cheap and a fun way to enjoy the outdoors during the hot summer. Here are some ideas for games with water balloons.

2. Play catch!

Use that football lying around in the garage or that old Frisbee you haven’t touched in years. Whatever you choose to pass to each other, use the space in your backyard to workout that throwing arm. There is something seriously enjoyable about standing outside and throwing a ball back and forth. It’s a great activity to do while connecting with your kids or friends. Baseball and glove, a bouncy ball, a boomerang; there are tons of possibilities for things to throw in the safety and privacy of your own backyard.

3. Get creative with some paint!

Make a DIY Twister game on your own lawn. Once you finish painting the mat, you and your family can easily revisit the board to play a laugh inducing game altogether. If you aren’t excited about the idea of spray painting your grass, buy some cheap tie-dye and make a festive t-shirt or socks or bed sheets. You can tie-dye anything that is white! Here are some more DIY ideas if you’re feeling super crafty this summer.

4.  Use your backyard as a relaxing oasis!

Summer is the perfect season to take some time for yourself and recuperate before school and school activities kick back up into full gear. Find a comfortable lawn chair, a sun umbrella, a cold drink, and a book. Enjoy your backyard as a private spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors (with minimal overheating).

5.  Enjoy the outdoors after the sun goes down!

Build a campfire to cook s’mores during a cooler evening with friends and family after filling up on some grilled summer foods like burgers and hot dogs. Buy some sparklers or fireworks on clearance after the holiday. Teach your kids how to catch fireflies! Summer evenings are the ideal part of the day to spend time with friends and family in the backyard. With the days finally cooled off and the sun setting late in the evening, your backyard can be where the memories are made!

Posted by: Chris Swift on August 2, 2017
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