5 Questions to Ask Before Signing A Lease


So you’re ready to rent? Perfect! Renting is a great option for all ages and family dynamics, and if you’re renting in Tulsa, you have many properties to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a one-room loft downtown or a multi-bedroom family home in the suburbs, there is surely the perfect place for you. But before you sign your name on that dotted line, be sure to think about a few questions regarding your rental.

What about the location?

One of the great things about renting in the Tulsa area is you have so many options in so many different locations. From downtown, to Midtown, the suburbs, or even the country- there are many rental options available for you and your family. What is the best for you and your family during the time you will be living in the rental? If you have children, have you identified the school(s) your children would be attending in the location you have in mind? Are you close to your favorite grocery stores or places of interest? All of these details are important to consider when deciding on the location of your rental. Don’t wait until it’s too late to figure them out.

What about the utilities?

Another important factor to consider is your utilities. Because you’re renting, it’s possible your landlord may take responsibility of some of the utilities. Some apartments or town homes may cover part or all of the utilities, while many single family homes will not. Be sure to ask about everything from electricity, gas and water to trash, recycling and the internet. All of these details will factor into your monthly cost for living in the home. You could even ask your landlord for the previous year utility statements to have a better expectation of what you will be likely to owe. It’s always better to have an idea before you move in, rather than later.

What about repairs?

Oftentimes renters forget to ask questions about repairs, but we think it’s very important. Have there been any major repairs to the home, such as new central air or foundation issues? All of these things are relevant in that they could affect you during your time living in the home. It’s also good to know what you and your landlord are responsible for when it comes to maintenance issues. For example, usually landlords are responsible for appliance repairs, while renters are responsible for replacing air filters monthly. Find out who is responsible for what before you make that commitment.

What about the landlord?

Speaking of the landlord, what do you know about the landlord? This may be one of the most important things to research and consider before signing a lease, as you will be interacting with your landlord regularly. Does your landlord own one property or many? Will you be interacting directly with the landlord, or does your landlord utilize a property management service? At McGraw Realtors® Property Management & Leasing, we believe that renting a property through a property management service makes the life of the renter much easier. From the convenience of online rent payments, automatic monthly withdrawals and reminders, to online maintenance requests and easy access to staff, the right property management service takes care of the details quickly and effortlessly. Know who you’ll be working with!

What about the lease?

Finally, don’t forget to read the lease! Don’t just skim it; read it in it’s entirety. Be sure to look for things relating to the length of your lease and penalties for breaking the lease early. Look for details regarding whether or not you can you have pets in the home, how many individuals can live in the home, and the initial deposit for the home. Read everything and highlight anything that needs more attention. It never hurts to run those questions by your landlord before you sign.


Although it requires work up front, asking these questions (and likely many more!) will give you  a better peace of mind when it comes time to signing the lease and becoming a renter. Ultimately, we hope that thinking about these questions helps you to find the perfect rental home for you and your family.

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Posted by: Chris Swift on June 7, 2017
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