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Summer in Tulsa can be especially enjoyable if you and your family want to spend more time outdoors. The city has a number of quality parks and recreational areas that will showcase the beauty of the season while giving you and your loved ones some much needed relaxation.

Woodward Park

Woodward Park is a great place to take a nature walk, since there are 45 acres of horticultural gardens for you to enjoy. There’s an arboretum as well, and the Victorian conservatory is beautiful. The park is open to the public seven days a week from 5am to 11pm, and it’s the perfect family outing when you want to learn about both local and exotic plants.

Guthrie Green

Guthrie Green is one of the best places to go for concerts and outdoor summer music events in Tulsa. There are also fitness classes and boot camps at the park, so you can get in shape while taking in the beautiful scenery. Different community organizations host picnics at the park during the summer, and there’s even a story time for the kids. Guthrie Green also has Food Truck Wednesdays, which gives you and your family a chance to sample local fare that will make your summer even more memorable. The park also hosts an outdoor movie night that the entire family can enjoy.

LaFortune Park

If you just want to have a lazy day and enjoy the weather and scenery while you’re in Tulsa, LaFortune Park is the place. This park has tennis and golf courts, and there are a number of open fields in case you and your friends want to play a game of baseball or kickball. LaFortune features a number of playgrounds, and you can take a swim in the large, on-site pool. If you’ve lived in the city for some time, you may visit the park to go for a scenic jog. However, a number of tourists also say LaFortune is a great place to see parts of Tulsa and take a relaxing walk in between visiting local attractions.

Mohawk Park

Mohawk Park is 2,800 acres, making it Tulsa’s largest park, and one of the largest parks in the U.S. The Oxley Nature Center is on-site, with a number of interactive exhibits that allow you to learn more about the local wildlife. There are a number of trails for hiking and biking, as well as a golf course if you want to play a couple of rounds with friends. Mohawk Park is also home to the Tulsa Zoo, so you can easily spend the entire day at the park and not run out of things to do.

Safari Joe’s H2O Water Park

Finally, you can take the kids to a park that is water-themed. The rides and attractions at Safari Joe’s help to keep everyone cool and entertained. High-speed water slides are among the rides that park-goers like best, and there’s also a huge wave pool. There’s even a lazy river if you just want to float along in the water for a minute or two. Safari Joe’s has water activities for children and adults, and there are several live animals on display at the park to help children learn more about the ecosystems of oceans and rivers.

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