4.29.16 - spring cleaning

Theres an old Japanese saying: start your day off by eating a frog. This basically means that you should start your day by doing all the things you really dont want to do in order to get them out of your way as soon as possible, so you can enjoy the rest of your day. Spring cleaning is one of those things that just needs to get done. It is also a critical factor when you are trying to sell or lease your home. It’s all about presentation and that first impression. People want to see the potential and possibilities when house hunting.

Spring cleaning might not always be your first choice of recreational activities, but with these handy cleaning tips and tricks youll find that your spring cleaning will be a lot easier and less time consuming.

Oven Cleaning

Spring time is a great time to clean out that oven if you havent done it in a while. Many ovens nowadays are self cleaning, which is great because you no longer have to scrub your oven for hours like the olden days. You just set it to clean and when its finished you wipe it out. Simple and quick.

Clean Your Gutters in No Time

Who would have thought a blower would be your most powerful weapon against climbing up a ladder in order to clean out your gutters? All you need to do is get your blower, add an attachment so it can reach your gutters and blow away. Dont forget to wear protective eye gear.  While youre at it. why not give the driveway and lawn a quick blow as well?


Theres no two ways about it; we all have unwanted clutter in our homes that make our spring cleaning sessions that much longer than it needs to be. Why not kill two birds with one stone and sort and discard your unwanted items at the same time? That way, you will drastically cut your time spent on cleaning the next time around. There are a few easy and fun ways to declutter your home. One way that can feel more like a game than a task is to see how fast you can fill an entire trash bag by asking yourself whether you have used or even looked for that item within the last few months. As an added bonus, you can send the bag of goodies to Goodwill

Spring Clean your Garden

Theres no reason why the outside of your home shouldnt be included in a good spring clean. Pick up any fallen branches or twigs. If you would like to repurpose your garden debris, you can rent a wood-chipper from your local hardware store and turn it into mulch in no time. Raking the lawn is also not merely a task to make your yard look cleaner, but is a critical part of gardening. If leaves are left all over your lawn, your grass cannot absorb sunlight. Rather, collect them all and turn them into compost. This is also the perfect time to invest in your flower beds. Start planting any plants, shrubs or trees to increase your curb appeal.

Posted by: Chris Swift on April 29, 2016
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