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fall home maintenance

Fall is just around the corner and thats the perfect season to give your home a maintenance check. The weather is perfect and the temperature is just right for working both indoor and outdoor. Which means, now is the perfect time to do some maintenance work around the house before winter rolls in.

Here are five fall home maintenance tips:

  • Clean the roof and gutters: During the summer, the roof and gutters collect dust, debris and dead leaves. Neglecting to clean them may result in clogged gutters and downspouts, leaky walls and ceiling, as well as a slippery foundation when it starts snowing in the winter. Remove the dust, debris and dead leaves using a broom, brush and rake. Check for broken shingles (on the roof), gutters and downspouts and repair them.
  • Repair the doors and windows: Check the doors and windows to see if they have developed any cracks and crevices during the summer. If you fail to repair them now, you will have a very tough time keeping out the cold in the winter. Replace the weather stripping, seal and caulking in the doors and windows if they are broken. Remove the dust and debris accumulated in the hinges and corners. Repair the foundation cracks with fillers. Consider fortifying the windows and doors for added protection.
  • Give the walls and ceilings a face-lift:  If youve been planning to repaint your walls and ceilings, then this is the time to put your plan into action. The temperature is perfect for the paint. Repainting doesnt just give your home a face-lift, it also adds an extra layer of protection in the winter.
  • Check the furnace and ventilators: Its probably been several months since you last checked your HVAC system. When left unused, the furnace and ventilator collect dust and debris and may even become a home for insects, birds and rodents.  Clean the ventilators using a brush or broom. Take out the furnace and clean the ducts, registers, burner and blower. Replace the air filter, blower belt and thermostat if needed. Clean the chimney if you have a traditional firewood furnace. If you need help, call a licensed HVAC contractor working in your area.
  • Clean the garden and lawn: When maintaining your house, dont forget the lawn and garden. Since seasonal plants take a break in the winter, the final days of fall is the right time to clean them up. Remove the dead and rotting leaves. Provide a cover to the plants that need protection from snow and frost. Trim the branches of trees. Also, remember to remove yard hoses from the outside spigots to prevent them from freezing and causing future leaks.

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Posted by: Chris Swift on October 1, 2015
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